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1.4 Build the model

Now that we have a domain model and a basic service model with views for the sales order object, we need to run all re-runnable generators to generate the actual code for our application. All such generators have the Include in Build property set to True by default, which you can configure as you like to control which generators are run when you build the model project.


Note that the model project will not be built automatically when you build the entire solution, since it needs to be built only if the model changes, so you need to build it manually.

To build the model you have to manually run the build for the model project by right-clicking on the project and selecting the Build menu option.

Build menu.png

This will run the generators and write their output to the respective output paths, as configured for each generator.


Beware of the Clean option unless you know what you are doing.

The Clean option will delete all generated files and any mixed-in customizations.

Cleaning is only useful when you are renaming model entities in such a way, that it affects the names of the generated files, and you need to clean up the old files. Always check your files in your source control first.

Model build output

The output console for the build will print the generators being run and any warnings or other output from the generators as shown below.

Build output.png

You can resolve the warning about the numeric logical type later by updating the type that inherits from it.

The warnings from the EF Domain Objects generator tell you that some fields in the database and the model use a hierarchy type that is not supported by the Entity Framework yet, or a geography type, for which there is currently no mapping in the model, and therefore will be skipped in the generated domain classes.

As you can see, the model build process, among other artifacts, also generated Service Implementations and Blazor Views. This allows us to go straight to building the entire solution and running the application.