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Xomega.Net for VS 2017

Below is a summary of the release notes for the Xomega.Net for Visual Studio 2017 releases.

Version 7.9.1

Release Date: 4/9/2019

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed message generation text template for resources with no comments.
  • Updated WPF/WCF project template to use messages from the resources.
  • Fixed VS2017 detection issue during installation when VS2019 is also installed.

Version 7.9.0

Release Date: 3/21/2019

New Features

  • Support for Entity Framework Core.
  • Shared projects for services and view models migrated to .Net Core format.
  • Project templates use EF Core, with legacy templates for EF6.x still available.
  • NuGet packages installed from the default source rather than local drive.
  • New solution is buildable without having to build the Model project first.
  • Web API REST services migrated to Asp.Net Core with EF Core.
  • Web API REST services use async services now, but sync services is still an option.
  • Generation of extended partial entity classes for the custom code.
  • Using the latest versions of the NuGet packages including for .Net Core.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed generated cache loaders in both C# and TS to use the new Output result.
  • Fixed use of multi-value criteria with nullable fields in the updated Xomega.Framework 2.1.1.

Version 7.8.0

Release Date: 1/26/2019

New Features

  • Entity Framework classes generated now directly from model.
  • Entity configurations by each entity using Fluent API.
  • Framework to support operators for building queries.
  • Standard operators for common data types.
  • Dynamic operators for date ranges using relative dates.
  • Dynamic operators for number ranges.
  • Improved validation of entity existence.
  • Improved validation of foreign keys.
  • Validation of duplicate primary keys.
  • Request validation of required fields, maximum length and enumerations.
  • Error messages read from resources for globalization.
  • Ability to override and translate text for message from referenced libraries.
  • Use of request culture for date operations.
  • Ability to return (warning/info) messages from services along with the results.
  • Reported messages and errors displayed in a closable panel.
  • Configuration of the messages panel layout.
  • Using Xomega.Framework and XomegaJS 2.1.0 with support of the above features.
  • Using the latest versions of the NuGet packages.

Version 7.7.6

Release Date: 10/30/2018

Bug Fixes

  • Added better handling of connection string issues in DB Connection dialog.
  • Added explicit handling to close DB Connection dialog when it's stuck.
  • Refactored based enumeration types to not have sizes where not appropriate.
  • Updated XomegaJS properties for some base enumeration types.
  • Improved Enumeration Read List generator for *int key types.
  • Made all known namespaces available to the document generators.
  • Fixed generated implementation of Create operation with create keys.
  • Updated data objects generation in C# and TS to make create keys editable for new objects only.
  • Fixed SPA views to set proper parent parameters on links.
  • Disabled JQuery AJAX cache in the default template to fix IE issues.
  • Updated Xomega.Framework NuGet packages to version 2.0.1.

Version 7.7.5

Release Date: 9/12/2018

New Features

  • Enhanced DB Import to allow customizing naming conventions for generated logical names.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed DB Import to handle duplicate constraint names under different schemas.
  • Fixed DB Import to not use size for image, ntext and text SQL types.
  • Added proper logical base types configurations for remaining SQL types, fixed EDM types.
  • Updated document template for Service Model design based on the current architectures.
  • Minor updates to the Static Data design document template.

Version 7.7.4

Release Date: 8/8/2018

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed generation of main menus in SPA and WPF apps to put menu options under Views menu for views with no named module.
  • Fixed CRUD generators to not output empty category elements.
  • Fixed CRUD generators to not output empty structures when the object has only key fields.

Version 7.7.3

Release Date: 4/22/2018

New Features

  • Enhanced registration of cache loaders to exclude ones that require input.
  • Updated generation of cache loaders for SPA to those with input only.
  • Updated WPF projects configuration for easier support of SSL.
  • Made SPA project use the latest TypeScript version to avoid popups.
  • Updated nuget packages to the latest versions where applicable.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed restoring saved (bookmarked) views in ASP.NET.
  • Fixed an issue where custom code is removed due to different line ending.
  • Turned off validation of the TS libraries to avoid errors with the Knockout in the TS > 2.3.

Version 7.7.2

Release Date: 10/11/2017

New Features

  • Support for Visual Studio 2017.
  • Support for SQL Server 2016 types.
  • All features from version 6.7.1 for VS2015.

Bug Fixes

  • Removed empty DB connection string parameters, which are invalid in the EF connection.