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How to import static data from a database dictionary
#1 Posted : Wednesday, October 24, 2012 5:22:41 PM(UTC)

If you already have some of your static data stored in one of several database tables, you can import this data into your Xomega model as enumerations, which you can subsequently enhance in the model, generate various artifacts and store in a version controlled manner.

The following simple steps show you how to import static data into the model from the database.
  1. For each database table that stores your static enumeration items, or their additional properties, you need to describe the corresponding dictionary objects in the model with mappings between objects' fields and the enumeration structure.
  2. Open the Properties tab of the Enumerations from Database generator from the Model Enhancement generator folder.
  3. Set up the database connection and save it either for the generator or as a project default.
  4. Update the Output Path to where you want the model enumerations imported. Use the {File} placeholder to place each enumeration in its own file. You can also use the {Module/} placeholder to place enumerations in different folders based on the modules of the corresponding dictionary objects.
  5. Run the generator and review the generated enumerations.
  6. If you need to update the dictionary objects in the model and rerun the generator, then repeat the above steps.
  7. If the enumerations were generated properly, then move them to the proper files/folders in the model project and/or update the Output Path to point to another folder, so that accidentally rerunning the generator wouldn't overwrite your model files.
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