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Notes and Observations (No criticisms)
#1 Posted : Wednesday, October 11, 2017 1:40:52 AM(UTC)

The tutorial for creating HTML5 SPA applications does not match the default template generated. This could confuse some as the tutorial appears to be using the template for ASP.NET Web Applications.

Also, it may help to show how to get the XOmega SPA Web Application to show the menu objects. In its current form the only link the appears is "Home".

I can see this becoming far a greater product, the ASP.NET Web Application Project Template works great!! Looking forward to seeing what you do for .NET Core.
#2 Posted : Wednesday, October 11, 2017 9:44:05 AM(UTC)

Thank you for your feedback. Just wanted to understand which tutorial for the SPA you were referring to.

The section for building a SPA in the Complete Walkthrough tutorial just builds on top of the previously created ASP.NET Web Applications and WPF projects, to demonstrate how to reuse the backend services exposed through REST, and to add an HTML5 client. The only caveat is that after creating and building the initial ASP.NET project, you need to restart Visual Studio before adding WPF or SPA projects to it, or they may not get configured properly.

The complete working code for that example is published on GitHub.

If you start with the Xomega SPA Web Solution template instead, you'd get a solution that is pre-configured for the SPA, but you'd still need to repeat the same steps for modeling and the backend services, as those described in the tutorial for the ASP.NET Web Apps.

The menu for the SPA should be generated automatically under in the Views\MainMenu.ts file of the SPA project by default, which is configured in the SPA Views generator. Do you see anything generated in there?

Finally, if you were referring to the Video tutorial for building HTML5 SPA applications, then those were made for the previous versions of the product, and are not reflective of the current version. We are planning to update the video tutorials for the new version and remove the old ones to avoid any confusion.
#3 Posted : Wednesday, October 11, 2017 10:20:36 AM(UTC)

Thank you, I am going to dive into this. This really is a cool tool. Please understand that I have not had much exposure to XML Modeling as most companies are still stuck with older technologies. I am trying to ramp up on this as fast as possible so pardon some of my dumb questions and comments. Been coding for 20+ years and still learning new stuff.
#4 Posted : Wednesday, October 11, 2017 11:01:16 AM(UTC)

No worries. This is a rather unique technology that may not be totally familiar to the general development community.

We are striving to make sure that developers from all different backgrounds would be able to learn it quickly, and use it efficiently for rapid application development.

So we'd love any feedback on both the product, and any other materials that can help you with that.
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