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#1 Posted : Sunday, November 1, 2015 10:45:36 AM(UTC)


I'm looking for a replacement for Microsoft Lightswitch. Seems like Xomega might be a very viable candidate.

I have been able to build and deploy some very functional silverlight web hosted crud applications using Lightswitch and very little custom codeoften supporting fairly complex master detail data entry.

Would Xomaga offer a similiar relatively "coding free" development technology?

#2 Posted : Sunday, November 1, 2015 12:33:06 PM(UTC)

Hi Ken,

Thanks for your interest in our products. Yes, Xomega can generate pretty powerful search and details forms out of the box based on a single DB table that will require little to no coding. However, if your forms display or filter by fields from multiple joined tables, you would need to add some code to handle the additional fields. It can be as simple as a few lines of code, or it can be any complex logic depending on your specific requirements.

Similarly, while Xomega solution templates provide an excelent starting point for your UI project, you would still have to implement some UI logic like navigation between screens, or you can update the layout of your screens directly in the generated XAML/ASPX/HTML5 files.

Xomega tries to automate and implement any plumbing for your application, and have you focus on implementing your specific business logic or UI design using the existing Visual Studio tools/languages that you and your developers are already familiar with.

Did you have a chance to watch our comprehensive demo for Xomega development process? It is using HTML5 technology there, but the process for WPF, Silverlight and ASP.NET solutions is very similar.
#3 Posted : Sunday, November 1, 2015 1:45:39 PM(UTC)

Thanks for the prompt reply! I am working through the silverlight and asp.net demos now and did watch some videos.

Although I personally have formal training in C#, ASP.NET, WPF, database and computer science, I am the only person in my organization that does.

For a decade they have been using a proprietary billing system that provides a basic windows CRUD "form designer" which does not require modern day programming skills to develop simple crud apps. But now they are needing to branch out and provide solutions for users outside the billing system.

So I am looking for a CRUD development framework that I can claim also requires minimal hand coding but will allow us to deploy more modern WEB and Silverlight apps.

Xomega looks very promising.

By the way, I guess you know that IRON SPEED went out of business (not that I ever used it, I didn't like the code it generated). Have you noticed increased interest in Xomega since that announcment?

#4 Posted : Monday, November 2, 2015 8:09:09 PM(UTC)

We haven't heard about Iron Speed until you mentioned it. It's a shame how a patent troll can ruin a good business like that.

Luckily for us, we generate the presentation UI layer from a Service Model rather than from a DB schema, which is much more aligned with the structure of the UI, and does not infringe on the troll's patent.

I know that there is some learning curve with our technology (which should pay off very quickly), and we are glad to help you with any questions or issues. But we can also offer you services for custom software development using our technology at very reasonable rates. You mentioned that you are the only person in your organization that has the skills for development, so please email us if you are interested.
#5 Posted : Tuesday, November 3, 2015 11:00:07 AM(UTC)

there could be some opportunity for consulting regarding xomega. I tried to email you using this site but received permissions error.

please email me directly if you would like to discuss.
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