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Release 2.3 of Xomega.Net for VS 2008
#1 Posted : Saturday, November 24, 2012 10:35:02 AM(UTC)

Release 2.3 of Xomega.Net for Visual Studio 2008 contains the same features for .Net 3.5 as the corresponding release 3.3 for Visual Studio 2010, and is geared to provide powerful support for modeling and working with static data, enumerations and lists of values. Following is a summary of the new features included in this release.

  • Support for enumeration inheritance, which allows you to derive any enumeration from another base enumeration and add, override or remove any items or properties thereof.
  • Support for abstract enumerations, which in conjunction with the enumeration inheritance allows you to define base static values and then override them for different implementations or environments.
  • Support for importing enumerations into the model from database tables as well as generating scripts for loading them into such tables. This allows making static data available to the business and database layers in addition to the UI layer.
  • New item template for modeling a generic system dictionary that allows storing enumerations items and their arbitrary properties in the database and work with them through a service or business layer.
  • Upgrading to Xomega Framework 1.3, which includes support of cascading properties, combo properties and cache loaders.
  • Generation of cache loaders from the model operations to streamline access to lists of values and lookup caches from any layer. This replaces generation of enumeration properties from the previous releases.
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