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Modeling with
Generation of

Looking to modernize your systems?

Generate Blazor apps from your database

Quickly generate complete multi-tier Blazor Server or WebAssembly apps from an existing SQL database.

Use Bootstrap-styled open-source components from Xomega Framework, or powerful Syncfusion Blazor components.

Tired of writing boilerplate code over and over again?

Build rich app models, generate plumbing code

Create or import your domain models, define rich service/API models, then top it off with view/UI models for your app.

Generate clean and robust code for all application layers - from ORM entities and REST services to view models and views.

Regenerate all artifacts whenever you update your model for quick iterations and easy maintenance.

Want a specific look or behavior for your apps?

Customize generated code at any level

Provide custom implementations for your services to fill in the gaps or to implement specific business logic.

Write custom platform-independent presentation logic for your UI views.

Take full control of the markup for specific views, without losing your changes after regeneration.

Need up-to-date technical docs for your app?

Generate technical docs
directly from the model

Generate up-to-date design docs on your domain model for the system architects and developers.

Generate current (REST) API docs on your service layer for other developers.

Generate documentation on your static data for easy review by the business stakeholders.

Worried about lock-in to specific frameworks?

Future-proof your apps with Xomega platform

Write platform-independent UI and business logic with open-source Xomega Framework.

Regenerate code for a new UI framework (e.g. MAUI), a different component library (e.g. Telerik), next-gen communication technology (e.g. gRPC) or another persistence framework, as they become available and supported.

Stuck with legacy .NET systems?

Generate ASP.NET Web Forms or WPF apps

Modernize or build a few modules of your legacy system at a time using Xomega platform.

Generate legacy WebForms or WPF views from your models, and integrate them into your system.

When ready, regenerate your views for Blazor (or another UI framework) with few code changes, in order to upgrade to the latest technology.

Want more than is provided out-of-the-box?

Extend your models, customize or build new generators

Enrich your model to capture additional data at any level. Add model validations and IntelliSense support.

Customize existing generators to use the enriched models and to generate artifacts your way.

Build new generators to support other frameworks, or to generate new types of artifacts.